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Zenith Replica hopes to build a rich sports atmosphere of the avant-garde styling is EL PRIMERO movement unique legendary color, the main aim of product design is: in reducing excess weight at the same time, keep accurate performance and unique style of the series. To achieve this objective, watch factory using a large number of high-tech materials in the production process.

A college degree Zenith Replica Watch long is the latest technology and the spirit of innovation. As R & D racing engine, watch factory craftsman and watchmaker needs not only to create a rich atmosphere of the light sport watches, but also to ensure that the clock accuracy, reliability and durability. Experts Zenith replica at first from the movement started, with its latest materials based on the research results, choose titanium this light strong, was heavily used and in the field of aerospace materials to create movement.

Watch factory production process is still used in silicon. Escapement fork and escapement gear watch will use this high-tech material. It is not magnetic, light weight more than three times higher than the traditional alloy, but the texture than the stainless steel hard, is the perfect tab material. Carbon fiber aluminum case with a titanium button and crown, shape and movement spirit to watch the smooth and natural.

Combined with bold courage, innovation spirit and lightweight design Zenith replica swiss watches, using high-tech materials, introduced a unique perfect interpretation of works for the EL PRIMERO brand prospective ideas flagship watch series. The EL PRIMERO flagship series of ultra lightweight watch will titanium, siliceous movement and highly sports atmosphere of the carbon fiber case perfect together. The immortal legend EL PRIMERO flagship series enters new era.

The new ELPRIMERO flagship series ultra lightweight watch not only has a carbon fiber case is easy to identify, also uses the shape structure is out of the ordinary. It lines smooth, light structure, highlights the vitality of color at the same time, but also demonstrate the superior performance. Like a delicate body, you can through the sapphire crystal watch bottom cover, observed precision components inside, EL PRIMERO 400B TITANIUM titanium metal movement every hour can beat 36000 times. Because titanium metal is light and durable qualities, Zenith Watches UK decided to used to the aerospace industry as main component to create metal material, movement, the main board and the five clamping plates. When we with brass as material, the six components of the weight of all the weight of the vast majority, therefore using titanium as the material, can make the whole weight of many. In this way, watch the final weight about 25%. Hollowing dial can let you look at the legendary movement watch in-house with new eyes, and a better feel the vitality of this series of color. Dial the central part adopts transparent design, not only can reduce weight, also can let ELPRIMERO movement exhaustive hollow. Date display disk system is redesigned to light weight than in the past, in digital form to appear in the red disc is in the 6 position on the. Dressing time scale is also substantially with hollow design, and then covered with super luminova material. Timing plate adopts the light gray, blue and carbon black, the re interpretation of the first 1969ELPRIMERO chronograph watch classic color, and thereby to the brand’s iconic masterpiece salute. Replica Zenith star dotted blue second hand, can accurate timing to 1/10 seconds. And if you like our other watch news, you can view our crfx official website.

The new ELPRIMERO Ship Series ultra lightweight watch reflected masculinity, movement style and modern temperament, the perfect interpretation of zenith tabulation plant the spirit of innovation and bold courage, brand series of paintings on the finishing touch.

UK Zenith Replica Watches reinterpretation of Rainbow Flyback: Legend Swiss Watch

Zenith Replica Watches as the precious Chronograph most in the world

In 1969, Zenith replica launched El Primero chronograph, achievement legend. This is the replica watch factory on the history of the first automatic chronograph, vibration frequency of up to 36000 times per hour, the timing can be accurate to 1/10 seconds. Today, remains the world’s most precious chronograph. Therefore, the French Ministry of defense requirements, developed a suitable for fighter pilots to watch, has in the aviation world renowned ZENITH since the early twentieth Century, it is the most natural thing. The project plan is very clear: the development of a can in all kinds of extreme environmental conditions (such as sudden acceleration from 9G to 11G, the pressure and temperature changes sharply, the violent vibration and the influence of magnetic field etc) were kept accurate travel time watch. Faced with such a grim challenge, watch factory once again break through the limitation, to watch the reliability and durability of perfection. In 1997, table factory launched Rainbow Flyback watches.

The new interpretation of the legendary Swiss Watches

Now, watch factory re interpretation of the legendary Zenith watch, the new El Primero Stratos Flyback El Primero 405 B Rainbow watch with column wheel automatic movement, running quietly. The chronograph frequency up to 36000 times per hour, the timing can be accurate to 1/10 seconds, at the same time match calendar display, telemetry scale and in flight especially important fly back function. Ordinary Chronograph need to press three button to stop the clock, return to zero and re timing, and this watch is equipped with the fly back function, just tap the button, you can achieve the three operation.

Case by fine steel manufacturing, up to 45.5 mm in diameter, Replica Zenith Watches equipped with aluminum ring rotating bezel on. Curved sapphire crystal mirror drawing inspiration from used for navigation of aircraft fuselage portholes. Through the transparent sapphire crystal glass table back to watch the world go with the most exhaustive movement operation mechanism precision. 3 when the position is provided with a dial color the minute wheel, original watches exactly the same use and fighter pilots, even at night in the infrared illumination cockpit can clearly read. In addition, hour time disc is in the 6 position, small second hand is arranged on the 9 position. The white superluminova luminous time scale in contrast with black dial and case, and the timing of second hand uses the dazzling red. Watch outer engraved with the telemetry scale, so that the overall effect is more profound. El Primero Stratos Flyback Rainbow watch the unique style, embodies the collocation of masculinity, stainless steel bracelet. I were very liked Zenith Replica, because it is very classic and cheap.