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Swiss Vacheron Constantin Replica Watches UK new Traditionelle calendar dynamic storage

Since 2006 for the first time since the launch of the “limited Platinum Collection,” a new work each are showing a unique noble qualities. In creating this exclusive watch collection process, the extraordinary quality and strive to highlight the Vacheron Constantin Replica Watches Platinum. Vacheron Constantin Replica use of platinum dates back to 1820, we use this precious metal since then in a variety of works. Only gold is different purity platinum purity of up to 95%, only a very few places around the world produced. Platinum purity and rarity make it a top senior watch manufacturing materials. Platinum high weight and density, and therefore its durability is much larger than the other metals. Eternal Platinum immortal, superior performance, rugged, senior connoisseurs and collectors have enduring charm.

Replica Vacheron Constantin “limited Platinum Collection” are each a watch works with independent product number, to this most noble metals pay tribute. In addition to the case and crown using 950 platinum, the series each a watch dial are made of sandblasted, and between 4:00 and 5:00 positions engraved “PT950” mark. Watch also uses platinum folding clasp, with a dark blue alligator strap, strap with saddle process to platinum silk hand-sewn. Each watch is individually numbered products, limited edition of no more than 150. Vacheron Constantin Replica Watches “limited Platinum Collection” The launch of the “Traditionelle Sunday calendar power reserve” watch, continue to follow this principle, limited edition of only 100. This watch is the continuation of a series of platinum eternity excellent logo design: 950 platinum case, crown, dial and clasp.

Traditionelle Series: immortal classic, understated elegance “Traditionelle Sunday calendar power reserve” Platinum Limited Series watch immortal classics confirms the brand characteristics of traditional watchmaking excellence faithfully uphold. The series is inspired by the aesthetic characteristics of Vacheron Constantin watches exquisite classical works contains, unswervingly adhere to watch most appreciated reward home basic values. Slim bezel, screw-in sapphire crystal case back and around knurled pattern, carefully crafted trapezoidal time scale, and 12:00 and 6:00 position with a double Swiss Replica Vacheron Constantin Watch scale display, sword-shaped targets, multicolor dial and fine simple case lines ──Traditionelle watches all these iconic feature highlights the perfect brand of traditional style and modern temperament integration. Traditionelle series of adhering to these distinctive qualities, ranging from the simplest to the most complex functions of all types of watches, perfect show Vacheron Constantin has the creativity of brand attributes, but is two and a half centuries uninterrupted watchmaking brand best reflect history.

Vacheron Constantin “limited edition Platinum Collection Series” is the introduction of Traditionelle week calendar dynamic storage watch, perfect inherited aesthetic ideas of this distinguished series of all works since its debut in 2006 since the. Case diameter 39.5 mm, case and crown were composed of 950 made of platinum, smooth and clean platinum dial by sandblasting, engraved fine “PT950” mark between 4 and 5 when the position. Dial the central display hours, minutes and seconds count, and equipped with the index type power storage and week date indicator. The deep blue of the Mississippi alligator strap made of 950 platinum silk Replica Watches UK handmade. Because the platinum the precious metal ductility is extremely high, only 1 grams can pull into a nearly kilometers long, so it could be used to sew together and silk strap. Folding clasp is also composed of 950 made of platinum.

Traditionelle calendar dynamic storage watch with Vacheron Constantin Replica UK R & D and manufacturing of 2474 automatic winding mechanical movement, namely movement, using symbolic process senior tabulation fine complex: Geneva corrugated, cutting angle and rhodium plated bridge plate and by the host plate round grain processing. Watch and movement have been in Geneva mark certification, Geneva imprint is watch origin, quality process, durability and professional technology guarantee.