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An Online Loan and Maybe a Payday – Check the Differences

Momentary and loan in installments are similar financial products They allow to obtain financial means to cover expenses. The ponders have, however, some features that are missing in installment loans, and installment loans have specific features that are foreign to short-term loans. More information at A momentary is a short-term loan. The main purpose […]


Crowdfunding Collective Financing and Financial Inclusion

  Crowdfunding or collective financing is a financial phenomenon that can play an important role in the financial inclusion of those who are without the traditional means of getting money to put into practice projects and dreams of the most varied. Is Crowdfunding a financial innovation? We have seen in Brazil that the financial sector […]


What is a Mortgage Loan Novation?

  Currently, the novation of mortgage loans, is the order of the day. This is because most salvage or refining operations involve some type of novation. for an assessment   WHAT IS A mortgage loan NOVATION? The mortgage loan novation is the modification of any of the clauses or aspects of the mortgage loan. […]


The Cheapest Types of Loans

There are many factors that should play a role when you choose to borrow online, where the market has become as large as it is. First of all, it is obviously a matter of course to borrow from a secure and recognized provider, and fortunately you will find lots of them online. But it’s also […]


The Best Small Loans

When we hear about loans on the Internet and in the media, there is often a focus on very large loan amounts – and this is something we wonder a little over, since the average Dane has neither the need nor the opportunity to go out to borrow DKK 100,000 without to have an exceptionally […]