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Italy brand U-Boat Replica Watches launched two new bronze Swiss Watch UK Online Store

Italy emerging brand U-Boat Replica Watches released two full time some new watch, case with unusual bronze material to create, the extraordinary momentum of the 46 mm round case on large crown and button unique are located in the left side, two sections of sheet material is slightly different.

U-51 Chimera Bronze has a natural bronze rust colored case and bezel, and the U-51 Chimera B and B and press the bezel is black PVD coated copper and stainless steel together.

These two watches are adopting automatic winding mechanical chronograph movement specially tailored to meet the crown, and buttons are arranged on the left hand side of the requirements, as well as Replica U-Boat Swiss Watch personalized black screws and special silver wheel. The weight of 180 grams of watches and unusual bronze sapphire crystal, level two dial is bronze coloured glass. Handmade and manual modification of calfskin leather bracelet natural simplicity, to watch the appearance of more resolute, strong.

This cooperation aims to promote the U-Boat replica Worx in the next few years the growth of the road, including the expansion of production capacity, shorten delivery time and improve the global support.

Mr Lin Guotai said: “this is an innovative product, without entering the scuba diving deep sea exploration and marine unique experience. I was impressed by the adverse economic environment, the U-Boat replicas Worx team established the position of the company as a market leader in the field of manned submersible.”

According to uk U-Boat watch Worx founder Bert Houtman said: “I always is the goal of manufacturing a series of safe and reliable submersible, provide unique underwater experience. Our new partner Mr. Lin Guotai dabbled in industry widely, including casinos, resorts, theme parks, oil and gas, cruise and innovation of yacht manufacturing, he will help us to broaden our horizons, and enhance our visibility in the Asia Pacific region.”

U-Boat the current orders include owners, to the super yacht in 2014, scientific research institute and tourism operators deliver a manned submersible.

Dealer EXA Cheap U-Boat replica watches Private Limited is a submersible in the Asia Pacific region will work closely with the U-Boat Worx, to develop and implement sales and marketing strategies and distribution network.