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Luxury Swiss Panerai Replica Watches Releases Four New Navigational Instruments Inspired By A 1930s Yacht UK

During the Second World War, this is the Panerai Replica Watches, released the first diving Watch, the reference 3646, so water is always what brand of central. As its maritime heritage tribute, Panerai has created four new device: a wall clock, barometer, thermometer, hygrometer and a, are subject to a classic yacht called Aileen, Panerai won 2007. Coincidentally, but this Panerai provides reference for Italy Navy prototype completed in the same year, 1936.

2007 to obtain 22m Bermuda schooner, Panerai replica supervision Aileen overhaul, recovery of all 30’s standards, including Burma teak plate and galvanized iron frame. The name means “in the Gail island”, referring to the original on the west coast of Scotland manufacturing place. Of course, Panerai Replica custom yacht navigation and timing equipment, AISI 316L stainless steel – special corrosion resistant alloy produced good marine environment.

The instrument is instantly recognizable as the panerai. Square 14cm * 14cm (about 5.5 inches) reference model cushion shaped cases like Radiomir panerai. All black dial with white index and Panerai Replica Watches UK logo. Only the thermometer dial another color, in this case, the blue color indicates the temperature below zero.

A reliable clock is a seaman tools necessary, as the current time is used to calculate the position of the ship on the sea. Barometer is expanded to include a pressure capsule, according to changes in atmospheric pressure contract. The impact of these expansion / contraction, pointer display current atmospheric changes. These swiss replica watches changes can be used to determine the current weather conditions.

Perhaps the most famous musical instrument is moisture meter. The device has been used to measure humidity in the past two centuries, which helps to predict maritime fog condition. Finally, one one double metal thermometer used to estimate another important factor – the weather temperature, measures. You may have noticed, all of these instruments, of course, is simulated, not digital.

A Limited Edition Panerai Replica Watches

Read the magazine the revolution is this year celebrating its tenth anniversary and Panerai Replica Watches created a limited edition watch, mark the milepost. The revolution in Singapore was founded in 2004, sets itself apart from as a big, bold magazine, blend gorgeously crafted photo spreads and in-depth technical writing watches watches and clocks. The magazine, which is produced quarterly, has grown to include four international edition.

It is appropriate that a big, bold magazine gets a big, bold watch, to mark the anniversary. 44 cases of Luminor family MM 8 day Luminor Marina pam00599 is already familiar with the half crown guards, black DLC coating, has a solid case, return to the “10 revolution anniversario” engraved in it. There is internal diameter p.5000, hand injury movement has a full eight day power reserve of two barrels. Only 50 of these commemorative Replica Watches will be sold, all exclusively through Singapore Panerai boutique, $10800.

An additional Panerai Replica watch will be auctioned at Sotheby’s, as part of the “important watch” event in Hongkong in April 2015. From watch returns, numbered “0 / 50” will be in Alan Bloor name support sports wheelies and association of people with disabilities, a committed Panerai collector boating accident cause paralysis of his find Panerai and collector of the role of the community.

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Panerai Radiomir Replica Watches 1940 Marina Militare Swiss Watch

Panerai Radiomir Replica Watches 1940 Marina new Militare limited edition watch through distinctive retro style and details, praise and profound historical relations of the Italy navy. The story of Radiomir 1940 is the development history of Panerai watches design. The first watch Panerai introduced in 1936, using the pincushion watchcase design, thereafter in 1950 turned into modelling more resolute strong Luminor 1950 case. Radiomir 1940 watch simple lines, just fill the transformation trace between the two periods.

The new Radiomir 1940 Marina Militare Swiss Replica Watches use simple case design to 1940 Radiomir, with the brand has a long history of the watch details, earnestly to reproduce the old brand for the Italy Navy made military modeling. Case diameter 47 mm, for the Italy Navy Seal watch worn on the standard size, diving clothes. The watch is manufactured by AISI 316L stainless steel alloy, especially strong corrosion resistance, waterproof to a depth of 10 bar (about 100 meters). Table ears and case casting, by the same piece of metal is integrally formed between the lugs, engraved watch models (PAM00587) and case number, dial engraved with the “Marina Militare”.

In addition to engraved words, design black dial is very simple, only large rod time scale and the Arabia digital time scale in the main position, large size dial with classic Panerai sandwich type structure, in between two pieces of overlapping sheets coated with Super-LumiNova from luminous material, the light from the surface layer of thin plate hollow time scale with, to dial all the details even in low light, still visible. Watch using micro arch Plexiglas r surface protective resin glass dial, not transparent sapphire crystal glass, to echo the old watch using organic glass as the surface approach. Pointer design also engraved when Panerai watches traditional design, slender, needle sharp.

Through the surface of the bottom cover sapphire crystal glass, you can enjoy the precision operation of P.3000 manual on the chain movement. P.3000 movement entirely by Panerai in Nor Shah Tell watchmaking factory independent research and development production, allocation of the two spring box, power storage of up to 3 days. Crystal glass table bottom cover the pendulum and wide perspective of the balance wheel plywood, plywood covered most of the gear group, the surface with a satin finish, engraved blue flag. Correcting time system movement is convenient and practical, clockwise and other pointer independent rotation, clockwise rotate the crown, i.e. to an hour a way to beat the minute hand operation, does not affect the process.

Radiomir 1940 Marina Militare limited edition watch limited production of 1000 pieces, with a brown leather strap, decorated with linen thread and stamping OP logo, senior rosewood table box containing a spare Plexiglas r resin glass surface.

AISI 316L polished stainless steel case, table diameter 47 mm, time, display, Panerai P.3000 manual winding mechanical movement, the 3 day power reserve, the screwed crown engraved with the OP logo on the list, Plexiglas r resin glass mirror, sapphire crystal glass mirror bottom cover, waterproof 100 meters, engraved with the PANERAI logo leather strap the ladder, with polished stainless steel clasp, a spare Plexiglas r resin glass.

Panerai Replica P.3000 manual winding mechanical movement, developed entirely by Panerai, 16 integrant method, thickness 5.3 mm, 21 stone, Glucydur r balance wheel, vibrating 21600 times per hour, Incabloc r a shockproof device, the 3 day power reserve, the 2 barrel, 160 parts.