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Introducing The Montblanc Replica Watches For Men Who Love Watches Much

With the introduction of the heritage calendar year Gama, MontBlanc Replica Watches make fine push into the small, but growing segment of the of the timepieces industrial supply relatively complex. (They also for having scores point epic style product name – the the collection is by Gama, the first to reach India by Sea in Europe).

The 40 mm wristwatch – available in both steel and gold, pictured here – is modern without being cold, with a dial, put three points in dials for the Annual and a separate calendar moon phase and elegant grass.

At a list price of 18K gold 11100 euro in red, you will be hard pressed to to find a greater value for wristwatch a similarly suggested that metal complex precious in this price category. (for example, jlc’S master pink gold will cost you $20000 Mark well over the calendar.)

The annual calendar function is the Crystal Skull self winding 29.18 caliber MontBlanc Replica, which hours of Power) provides 42. To maximize convenience — with a of the calendar (day, month, date) can be set individually and pushers. Your annual calendar watch, if fully wound, it will have to be adjusted to accommodate only once a year to change the at the end of the date February.

The simple, round box measures just 9.55 mm polished and house a dial and balance, modern details. The can be observed across threes calendar function: separate subdials date at three o’clock, the day at 9 and a smaller subdial for across, the Month here at twelve o’clock. At six o’clock, the Southern Cross constellation stainless steel blue paint you will find an attractive of the surrounding a fully for a small phase plate circular aperture.

The MontBlanc heritage timing calendar year Gama is limited to 238 red gold in the 316 steel parts. For more information visit MontBlanc, online.

Swiss MontBlanc Replica Watches For Men UK released a new “exploring the mysterious moon” application interface

This year, the world famous luxury brand MontBlanc Replica Watch not only introduced a variety of new Chinese watch, more in the most popular new media platform – Micro message big moves continuously, bring There was no parallel in history. changes as the luxury goods industry in the digital field. Replica MontBlanc Asia Pacific president Julien Renard said: “in Chinese digital has been the MontBlanc Watch brand strategy, the future will continue to promote. The new on-line phase activities make us different from competitors, has both to create a perfect model and inheritance of brand DNA.”

Fake MontBlanc launched the class inheritance perpetual calendar section and Bao Xi ladies series calendar watch, which contains a phase function to the phases of the moon on the dial. It is generally believed that the first quarter and last quarter moon will affect our environment and life, especially in China, the stars are commonly used as a reference when daily life. Digital luxury group (DLG) China area general manager Pablo Mauron puts it: “how to use the function to promote the moon phase watch, the starting point is very important for us. Many luxury brand watches are in focus on the promotion of moon phase function, however, the use of Chinese users of astrological strong interest, combined with the phase transform, Swiss MontBlanc Replica Watches is the first luxury brands do the innovation attempt. On this basis, in order to attract more user attention, UK MontBlanc has broken the traditional static two-dimensional code, the moon phase transform into dynamic two-dimensional code.

In November 10th, MontBlanc Replica For Men released a new “exploring the mysterious moon” application interface, is the senior watch brand will be the first “Moon” this watch features combined with the real universe the phases of the moon. The application also provides Webpage version and the version of the mobile phone and integrate Micro message function, showing more range of user experience. Only need to input the date of birth on the application page, can query the birth month relative to individual character, work and hobbies, love and marriage effect. MontBlanc invited well-known master astrologer Wang Xiaoya participate in the moon phase analysis, will be interactive games this activity from the ordinary sense of brand and among netizens, promoted to the moon of authoritative basis.

In April, MontBlanc watch in Shanghai Exhibition Center held a week-long “demeanor, enduring classic handed down the accompanying” heritage exhibition, the user can through the MontBlanc Micro message online registration and get a private custom dynamic exhibition invitation. The exhibition site, or by two-dimensional code special Replica Watches UK exhibits, will be numbered with two-dimensional code number corresponding to the content, convenient, timely access to more information of exhibitions. At the same time, MontBlanc in the micro channel launched the “find class character” of the game, the first time the well-known brand series extends to the interactive game, at the same time be MontBlanc replica “large class spirit”. In August, MontBlanc in Shanghai performed in southern the Bund grand feast. In the event, MontBlanc micro letter live events process through the development function of all online, make the user such as exposure to the scene as a taste of the grand occasion. Can interact with a brand, get exclusive information.