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Recommend Swiss Mido Replica Watches, 2015 Latest Mido Watch UK

Strike a deep chord, but you – Mido Replica Watches, Perfect watch for men and ladies.

Unknown journey, always full of temptation and look forward to unlimited. Her appearance, to you, is the most beautiful harvest. In the early morning of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, set against the blue sky, great moving. Sunshine irradiation on steel structure Dankongqiao 134 meters high, sends out the infinite brilliance from free and dream. She stood on the bridge, overlooking a head wind, skirt, clean hair, graceful beauty shadows, leisurely leisurely come. The moment you touched the heartstrings, solidification, the line of sight, all the beautiful scenery before become eternal freeze that moment.

The helmsman Series White Diamond Ladies Watch

Of all the girls, she, is so out of the ordinary. Slender body, but smart full of power; a pair of eyes like autumn water, full of courage and strong; feminine but not artificial, such as lotus, natural beauty, look attractive. As her wrist this Mido Replica helmsman series of new White Diamond Ladies Watch, the women’s elegant and straightforward perfect integration. Regression design in early heart, using simple color, delicate details, delicate and does not lose the atmosphere, as she generally, Beckoning bring people different. 11 natural diamonds inlaid on the time scale of white pearl dial Fritillaria, behavior between the bright shining, blooming out women’s unique charm and confidence. Have great originality of white bezel engraved with Mido brand logo, with white rubber strap All blend into one harmonious whole., to the simple soft releases publicity dynamic. This wristwatch strap made of high-quality rubber, delicate touch, only need simple processing can be cleaned. Mercerized polished white case collocation soft PVD rose gold crown and lugs, reflect her elegant and fresh face. Double anti glare sapphire mirror, through the pointer and dial Super-LumiNova from luminous processing, in the night also clearly visible, to ensure that every time she free exploration is no Gu Zhi sorrow. Window design in the three o’clock position, close indication week and date. Decorated with blue steel screws and precision automatic pendulum movement through the transparent bottom cover eye, delicate and exquisite, such as her heart as limpid and clear, touching.

The helmsman series Mens Watch

Frank uninhibited, bold and unrestrained, solid and full of strength and courage to love dream…… The helmsman series rubber strap watch for men as a true portrayal of your. Inherited the majestic . Inherited the majestic magnificent sea across the Sydney Harbour Bridge, stylish hale and hearty, bearing tiancheng. Crown and watch with rose gold decoration, golden light warm the whole watch, is like the dawn pierced Jackson Strait over the light of freedom. While the black rubber strap wear-resisting lasting, bring the perfect response every time travel the challenge of climate change. The 42 mm wide PVD dial, stainless steel plating black design, atmosphere and bold, show your broad open-minded heart and vigorous vivid. It is this extraordinary boldness draws her go hand in hand, determination. This wrist watch is equipped with a ETA2836-2 automatic chronograph movement, the pendulum carved Geneva corrugated and Swiss Mido Watch UK logo, dynamic storage for up to 38 hours, to ensure the long time for outdoor use. The pointer through the white Super-LumiNova from luminous processing, even at night can also clearly reading. Screw in crown, 100 meters waterproof, loved her at any time to provide solid guardian.

Plain time, solid to accompany

Love can be heated in the love and cherish each other’s, and for every pair of lovers wish, to the romantic love of all — Paris, at dusk to climb Eiffel Tower, Champs Elysees street and the evening overlooking the sunset under the Senna River, is so beautiful. The picturesque scenery, if the flower like her, and the wrist that reflected the silver shining Mido Replica Watches commander series table…… In this plain fleeting, let the time quietly across, heart unchanged is each other the most precious solid company.