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Swiss Maurice Lacroix Replica new originality series gravity Watches

Gravity is the interaction between objects in each power. Design of the Maurice Lacroix Replica masterpiece gravity watch, is to attract all envious eyes. The avant-garde timepiece is like gravity, exudes irresistible charm. In fact, the dial, case and movement of exquisite workmanship, make this Maurice Lacroix latest timepiece become the ingenuity of the.

Gravity make no exception, in the same order of magnitude in the role of each person. It is the two objects interact on each other phenomenon, is all objects are reasons of the surface of the earth to. Originality series gravity watch thought-provoking, challenging stereotypes. The use of cutting-edge technology production, timepiece with contemporary art, is not simply to convey the time information, expression way instead of using a very creative and the wearer to form emotional interaction. Watch the pendulum and the escapement is arranged on the dial side. But the pendulum swings back and forth and escapement fork of the non-stop operation, like a colorful performances, full of fun, addictive.

Maurice Lacroix masterpiece gravity watch using the most cutting-edge technology for silicon. Replica Maurice Lacroix watch movement Manufacturing Director Michel Vermot and Swiss Replica Watch Reno School of advanced engineering cooperation, become the first person in development and production of a full silicon escapement. Silicon escapement system comprising a balance wheel, escapement fork car heart, an escapement fork shaft, escapement wheel and escapement wheel axle. Maurice Lacroix Replica Watches homemade ML230 automatic movement frequency is 18000 times / hour (2.5 Hz). This frequency for siliceous components is more ideal, compared with other high may movement, on the texture similar to glass material impact a smaller force. Maurice Lacroix watches uk store will also unnecessary parts removed, the components of the movement was reduced to 188, so watch appearance is more simple, read more clearly. Undoubtedly, can have a full silicon escapement, Maurice Lacroix Watch was very proud. ML230 is the brand launched the thirteenth self movement, is also superb technology and technical progress of the brand must.

Originality series gravity watch have equipped with stainless steel case with the classic style and modern style of gray smoke, PVD coating. The 43 mm diameter majestic atmosphere, provide enough space for a number of design components display Maurice Lacroix Watch. The key components of ingenuity series gravity watch glass box curved sapphire crystal mirror, has amplification effect, make the pendulum seems suspended in the case in Tuo and escapement, showing a three-dimensional effect of fine. When the display is an arc eccentric, white painted on the dial, dial two mirror polished screws fixed to. Modern style watch using diamond cutting time scale, classic style watch uses Rome digital time scale. The dial is provided with an annular wire drawing decorative outer planar track type minute scale. The different watch, respectively by thermal processing bluing pointer or rhodium pointer. The display portion of the projection on the hollow balance wheel escapement system small seconds, more prominent sense of hierarchy and the arc effect. All function display with Paris studs or a worm shaped decorative pattern. The different watch, respectively by rhodium plated or gold processing. The watch as a show window, the decorative pattern of the volute Geneva exquisite automatic movement glance. Movement proportion majestic atmosphere, make each surface by elaborately decorated are clearly visible.