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Breguet Replica Swiss Watches UK Company launched a new classic series “Beijing” commemorative Watch

The Breguet Replica all watch series, classic Classiques series is the most can reflect the traditional value standard series brand concept and exquisite watchmaking technology, the series is perfect inheritance Breguet 200 years of history, whose distinctive features affect the senior watch making history. Breguet replica launched the first Classique 5717 Hora Mundi classic series time zone watch in 2011 Basel Watch Fair, the essence of the Breguet classic series incisively.

As a multi time zone to display for the design of the demands of work, Classique 5717 Hora Mundi classic series time zone replica watches time display function are also deduced be full of wit and humour: the wearer can according to the actual demand and with reference to the 6 point twenty-four zone represents city turntable to pre select a city, and through the 3 points to the crown of the time and date the setting, at this time, day and night display 4 point will also have a set time, automatically with the sun or moon pattern identifying a selected city day and night. If the wearer the time aware of another zone represents the city, through the 8 points in the twenty-four time zone dial in the crown of the central locking, pointer, date and day and night display that will synchronize the jump, to match the current time, date and day and night city. When gently touch 8 points to the crown, the function can also be watches in the freedom to switch in two time zones. The new Classique 5717 Hora Mundi classic series time zone watch “Beijing” memorial in bezel twenty-four zone represents cities to join and highlight the Beijing, for the majority of the Chinese watch lovers or travel to China often travelers bring more surprise and convenience.

Clear the watchmaker, the Classique 5717 Hora Mundi classic series time zone watch with the function of complement each other and elegant taste and artistic in appearance. In 18 gold for the end of translucent lacquer velum, engraved with the old hand carved ornamentation of waves, a piece of exquisite beyond compare intercontinental map interpretation between the square inch. Hand engraved on the velum intercontinental map is meant not only to Abraham Louis. To pay tribute to Mr. Swiss Replica Breguet Watches year travel trip, the more according to the wearer needs were present in Asia and Oceania, Eurasia or North and South America with 3 different patterns to highlight the exclusive value. Matched with the dial plate pattern 18K rose gold or 950 platinum watchcase, unique style coin side and head straight lines table ears Breguet Replicas brand, it is a hope and knowledge. Made of circadian indicator in the sky background to contain pyrite of lapis lazuli, used to indicate day and night the sun and the moon were made of gold and rhodium plated with gold.

Since the 1775 establishment of the brand, Replica Breguet UK has always been committed to building works have no equal in this world of excellence in craftsmanship timepiece. As the invention of Tourbillon timepiece pioneer, inventor, this name stands for innovation, Breguet classic, elegant and on the shape of a perfect technology innovation and unremitting pursuit. Breguet is with great history cultural inheritance and top watchmaking technology watch brand, with admiring innovation ability. The founder of Abraham Louis. Breguet is a master inventor, the exquisite skill and excellence in the spirit of innovation has attracted numerous royal nobles and literati politicians become the distinguished customers at the same time makes the Breguet Breguet watchmaking, in modern Shi Heou Delta culture history reputation. Mr. Breguet watchmaking innovation in many great inventions, any design we cannot find any relevant GMT time zone watch complex function. Of course, we cannot therefore have any blame on him, because until Mr. Breguet died about 60 years later, the international longitude conference in 1884 formally established the world’s 24 time zones.