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Independence from the extraordinary Swiss Audemars Pigeut Replica Watches UK, woman to control the variety of life

As early as in 1883, when Audemars Pigeut Replica brand was founded 8 years later, the first Audemars Pigeut watch movement appeared to quiet Ya of the Swiss Jura Valley (Vall e de Joux) has brought a ray of fresh wind. Audemars Pigeut bijou inherited brand breakthrough innovation, the pursuit of excellence traditional culture, launched a diameter of only 3 method (6.8 mm) movement, a world record, opened the door to a new chapter of women watch.

Talking about the development process of Audemars Pigeut swiss  Replica Watches, just like to enjoy a taste of a different era film, art aesthetic changes and slightly affected. With the development of society, women’s social roles and social status quietly changing, along with the women also have different characteristics and unique aesthetic. Audemars Pigeut paper prospectively to capture the essence of art and fashion, to inject new elements for their family legend.

In nineteenth Century 20’s is called “history’s most colorful age”, an unprecedented wave of expansion of industrialization, modern female faces new and confident, contemporary art movement also spread to North America from europe. It is the aesthetic core mechanical and geometric. Pure decorative lines and bright color painting, from scallop radiation of the sun light to the ancient Egyptian culture totem, from bright pink to the exaggerated passionate orange, all for the material, not stick to one pattern. In order to highlight the new way of life, Audemars Pigeut launched a series of jewelry, watches and accessories in the society, to win the right to freedom of women to create a new self image. Ladies Watch Jewelry representative launched in 1922, this watch is decorated with diamonds, and other small distinctive art deco style, explains the process in the pocket on the peak of deduction.

Time moves forward to nineteenth Century 70 years, known as “the disco era” in this ten years, the rapid development of feminism, the Iron Lady Margaret Thatcher became Britain’s first woman prime minister in the pursuit of personality, fashion is also affected by the strong woman modelling. At the same time, Swiss  Audemars Pigeut experienced a peak period of rapid development of the second ladies watch, watch the appearance of concept design is also more diversified: circular, pillow, rectangle and oval table in paragraph one after another. Since 1976, Audemars Pigeut also launched the first classical Royal Oak ladies watch, then became a pilot of the wind vane.

In twenty-first Century the arrival of the subversion of the global economic pattern and social life style. For women, freedom of choice is no longer confined to the field of fashion consumption, they freely deal between the different social roles, the job market calm decision, turn the tenderness in the family of chlorothalonil, charismatic. More and more women peep clear desire of her heart, like on the road in life confidence dream, the pursuit of quality of life, they are also in the field of the pursuit of artistic and practical unique beauty. Audemars Pigeut paper dedicated to the conception of women turned to come true, and a new era of the courageous women build the future.